Dynamics 365 UI Icon

Remember the 16×16 and 32×32 icons? Well, you don’t need them any more:) All you need to think about now are the .svg icons that adjust accordingly to what it should.

The issue at hand is one we all know and hate. The little puzzle image that indicates that you didn’t take the time to complete everything 100%. In my case I created a custom entity called Project.

https://www.flaticon.com <– Go here to get a hold of any icon you want. Free if you give credit to the author of the file. Remember that you have to download .svg file format.

Locate correct icon

Open your solution and add a new webresource of type .SVG. Remember save and publish!

Create Webresource
Save and publish

Unfortunately you now have to navigate to the Classic view, because this is currently not available in the PowerApps configuration yet.

Open the icon update, and select your new webresource Project Icon. Save and publish the entity.

Locate the correct .svg file

Open your UI app, and voila!! Everywhere will now have the correct icon because Dynamics 365 UI is automatically formatting this to the correct size 🙂

Uninstalling Dynamics 365 for Marketing dependency error

I installed Microsoft Marketing for the purpose of testing in our dev environment. My first irritation was the need of a separate portal just for marketing. I had to reset my customer self service portal just for marketing (fairly annoying). I have heard that this will change later this April, so hoping for the good news:)

PS! I also had to install VOC and I can’t really understand why I have to install this!

ANYWAY. If you wonder what the uninstall button does, here you go!

Email from Dynamics 365 marketing team

I started off opening the email I got when I installed the Dynamics 365 for Marketing and clicked the bottom link, and then “uninstall marketing from this org”.

Uninstall marketing from this org
Yes I’m sure
Work it!
Are you sure it is?

Well that is nice. It all took about 2 minutes. Could it be true that it was that easy?

NO (lol)

30 ish solutions and 1 portal reset later I was almost there!

Still there!
Reset portal
What could possibly go wrong?

Thank you VOC for creating dependencies that I simply can’t find.. Supportcase created.


This was far from smooth. Uninstalling the solutions way to long because Dynamics kept freezing (probably because of database locks).

Worst of all was probably that Voice Of Customer was installed and I can’t remove it without a support case.


Support called, and they found a dependency in the App for VOC that did not uninstall correctly. If you go into the default solution, and then remove the app step by step you can finally delete the VOC solution! For me that meant doing the ribbon first. Then the entities in the app, and finally the app. All the while publishing changes.