How To

If you are completely new to Dynamics you should understand this before starting a new trial:

  1. This is not a simple product, and therefore don’t expect it to be as easy as HubSpot/Lime/SuperOffice.
  2. Demo data produced is based on US standards, and might not suit the purpose of the demo.
  3. This is an enterprise system that you can grow into, and making the demo simple enough can be challenging.
  4. There are no 100% product howto’s out there, because no solutions is the same.
  5. This is a PLATFORM, not a product. I cannot stress that enough, because you don’t want to compare Apples with Oranges.

Eventually you will understand the whole PowerPlatform, and you will understand why this is a very unique platform for growth.

If you understand the statements above, this is how I would demo the different parts of Dynamics 365.