Dynamics 365 license hack

Why I endorse this?

Because I am sick and tired of Microsoft being so flaky with their licenses. It is impossible to be a good consultant these days with so many changes and unclear direction.

PS: since I wrote this post and made a video, it seems Microsoft is accepting this behavior. That is of course until they restrict the usage as they always do.

The Hack

This is for the simple users requiring some simple custom entities and opportunity. Case not included. And because of the Team Member with P2 you have no issues using the outlook app and so on.

CE full plan115$
Sales Professional*56$?
PowerApps P2 + Team Member**40 + 8 = 48$

*Sales professional releases now in October, and not sure what the exact price will be
** Restricted entities that can’t be used with the combo.


Is licensing for Dynamics 365 really that complex?

Well, not if you are willing to pay 115$ pr month for a user in CRM. This license includes everything you might use and more.

So what about the customers in the SMB/SMC space?

Here is where the interesting discussions begin. Microsoft has never been an SMB/SMC product. They have been trying to compete against Salesforce to become leader of the magic quadrant. This is why consultants always have figured out how to navigate around the license model to find the best possible fit.

First there was BASIC. A great license for small needs that even covered Case. Shure this might be a little to much to ask for a company like MS to give us free Case management, but at the time Microsoft didn’t realize that Case was about the only really useful entity in the system. Proven later when they admitted that they were loosing many cases to direct sales CRM solutions because they were simpler.

Then we got Team Member without the option for Case, but still a pretty strong license because of the custom entities without limitations.

So what happened October 1 2018?

Out of the blue Microsoft now decided to remove access for Account in Team Member license. I wish they would inform us why they did this, but who knows. Back to the drawing board for our solutions, but here comes the temporary hack