Dynamics 365 autonumber now available in PowerApp config

The API approach has been available for a long time, but now the autonumber is available through the config. Jonas Rapp’s autonumber solution in XrmToolbox has been absolutely one of the best tools for this purpose so far, and not we might not need it any more. I belive the first release is missing some of advanced options that Jonas has, but it might work for most of us.

This is the release information regarding the PowerPlatform autonumber: Autonumber from MS PowerApps blog

BUT why is this cool? Well, because it mentions that we can convert existing text field to Autonumber. This means that we can get rid of the stupid workflows/javascripts etc that we have made over the years to give some entities names for the name purpose:)

NB! you can only change the field to autonumber via powerapps.com. The Dynamics classic doesn’t support this. Below is the name field from a new entity. For the first time in EVER I could change the field type!!:)

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