2019 review

I began blogging in march of 2019 to finally put my money where my mouth is. I have encouraged others to do this for quite some time, without ever doing it myself. I thought I would share what i have learned so far, and hopefully share an inspiration to someone else out there wondering if he/she should start with the same.


I started off solid doing lots of blogging trying to keep a red line, but things got in the way. Work got overwhelming, and I had to focus on delivering customer solutions rather than sharing information. I was no longer able to do both (as you can see given my latest activity from images below).

This only led me to understand the tremendous work so many people are doing out there where they combine customers, family and community. Some consultants get a “free pass” from work to do community work, but so many others do this on their free time. How you manage to do it i still don’t know, but it is admirable!

So here are my stats:

I got 1187 views for my CDS list records in flow post, and that is quite fun! That means that someone out there hopefully has seen this and found it usefull. This actually means a lot to me!


I got to attend a few speaking engagements.
1. Women in Dynamics – Talking about dataflow
2. Power Platform Saturday Oslo – Talking about Power Apps Canvas
3. Breakfast seminar Oslo – Talking about Power Apps Canvas

I will try to create more topics to talk about in 2020, and be relevant enough to show up on more stages around the world. Speaking is something I enjoy, and I get to meet so many interresting people!


  1. Power Platform Saturday Oslo. The amazing Marius did this almost completely by himself, but i got to be a part of the organizing.
  2. Arctic Cloud Developer Challenge. An amazing hackathon that will be in February 2020, and I am on the board as a volenteer.
  3. Power User Group. Together with Marius (own company), Guro (Avanade) and Malin (KnowIT), we are starting up a User Group in Norway. First activity January 2020.

What did I learn?

I learned that blogging/social media requires a lot of work. A LOT!!! I never entered this part of my career as a sprint I had to see done over night. I started with this because I wanted to share my 12 years of experience in Dynamics hoping to help others. Hopefully I will write something usefull in the comming year that will help someone else in the quest for answers, and just because of that.

YES, it is totally worth it!

Thank you for reading my blog this year, and lets hope it gets stronger in 2020;) Merry Christmas

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