CRM 19 – Welcome to Norway 😍

By accident I was clicking around in the Power Platform Admin Center new environments. This is when I noticed that Norway is now on the list!!

The environment URL was, and that is really cool for all the nerds🤓 out there eagerly awaiting the entry of Norwegian Dynamics / Power Apps possibilities.

I was really excited at first to have a look at it, but I do feel I should also explain some of the limitations before everyone wanting to be a part of this !


Dynamics 365 only has the following modules available within Norway ATM.

Dynamics / Power Platform Availability

Datacenter Regions <- Norway soon to be listed

This means that you wont find things like Dynamics Marketing, Sales Insights, Omnichannel and probably a few more. YET.. As all things related to geo availability, it’s usually only a matter of time, or if some law forces it to come in place.


Should all Norwegians storm over to the new data center immediately now that it’s available? It might be a good idea to discuss with your partner what is what before making the move. Moving just for the sake of moving might not be worth it either. The EU storage options are great, and they have all of the bells/whistles ATM.

That being said.. I am really looking forward to trying out the latency when working “locally” with data in Dynamics 365.💯🎈🎉😁😍


Consultants should be aware that new trials in Norway will trigger a Norwegian Dynamics trial by default. You have to override this if you want a EU trial working with IE Dynamics Marketing.

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