Creating a new Dynamics 365 trial

NB! Open this in private browser or profile in Chrome

The following URL will start up a Office 365 E3 30 day trial, and that is exactly where you want to start. Creating Dynamics trial directly won’t show the wonders of the O365 admin panel. More about that later.

I choose Norway here because I want the European datacenter fir Dynamics. This is not the language of Dynamics, so choose the country where you live.

Create User

Just call this user the admin. It will have global admin rights, so no need to name it anything else. NB! name the organization something that you won’t be using for a production instance. Give it a name “” som the name later on isn’t taken.

After the registration process you can open

From here you open the Admin panel, and we are going to sign up for a Dynamics 365 trial.

Open Admin
Open Subscription
Add Subscription
Start Dynamics Trial

After the trial is ready, remember to assign the license to the user.

Locate user
Add license
Add license

Now you can open the Dynamics 365 admin center. I am choosing to open the original center because the new center still isn’t fully functional yet.

Open Dynamics admin

The first time you open this button you will be prompted with the question of apps you want to install. This process will also install demo data. NB! this time you need to choose the language and currency. This will define the language and currency of you Dynamics installation as base, and can’t be changed later!

Choose setup

After a few moments you can access the Dynamics installation via the administration panel to see what has been setup.

Open Dynamics

You now have a new trial. I would advise to follow my page about setting up a good demo. There is still a lot of work to be done “How to demo Sales

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