Creating a new solution

Whenever you start a new Dynamics customer/demo, you should start off by creating a new solution. A solution is a container of the configuration you can move from one environment to another.

Top 3 reasons to start with a solution
1. Get the publisher right from the beginning (no more “new_fieldname”)
2. Create a config environment only for what you need (easy to navigate when you are configuring)
3. If you make a good demo, you can reuse the solution file for next time’

I will be using the new solution navigation, but I still would argue that the classic is a lot faster to navigate, and that the new configuration setup doesn’t support all options at the time writing this post.

Sign in to using the CRM admin user.

Selecting correct environment

First thing you have to notice is that you might have to change the environment to “SimpleSales” to find your Dynamics database. Just make it a habit for now not to write to the Default.

Creating new solution

Next you can navigate to solutions on the left, and hit the “New Solution”.

Creating new solution

To define the publisher, you have to open the dropdown, and then select “+ Publisher”. This will open the classic screen of publishers. I chose to call this Simple Sales. If you are creating a demo for a customer, I would actually consider using the customer name here. I might write more about that some other time.

All new fields will now be labeled with “ss_fieldname”. It just feels a little more professional even thought you won’t notice a technical difference.

New solution definition

Click save, and you should se your newly created solution

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