Installing Email Router D365 Online

This is a series about installing everything you need to display the simple sales. Therefore this is only showing what you need to do for the simple sales demonstration, and everything is based online.

Start off by opening your dynamics url. My url in this case is .

If you are forced into the new UI like the picture above, you need to change your url to force the classic view. add “?forceClassic=1” to the end of the string to get the old view.

Open Email Configuration and then the mailbox

Open the record in view. First you need to approve the email (has to be done by the global administrator). Then you can “Test & Enable” the mailbox.

On the alerts over to the left you should se the results as completed. The setup of the Email router is now complete.

Next step we have to setup the email rules. This is not important for the simple demo, but this is how I would consider setting up the email router settings in a prod environment.

I chose to use correlation and smart matching to track emails. I personally don’t like the tracking token, and if possible would avoid it. I do see a few cases where it would make sense to keep, but there is no real right or wrong here.

This setup is based on the simple demo setup in my blogg, and if you have any other complex setup this might not work. Dynamics 365 supports many different configuration of Exchange, but that would be a more technical article.

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