Field Service – Booking Template configuration

There’s lots of documentation about Field Service Schedule Board but some key elements that I didn’t understand before I tried it out myself.

Hitachi wrote a great post that got me on the right track, so this is more an extended version i guess. PS, I also stole the pictures from Hitachi, and hope they don’t mind. They did the hard work, I am just adding my findings:)

Schedule Board

There is lots of documentation out there about editing the schedule board, and most of it is actually from Microsoft DOC’s. Only problem is that I don’t always find examples I fully understand. The question was, “How do we configure the schedule board items?”.

Hitachi image

This picture is from Word Order that has been placed on the Schedule Board. The current item is shown with Work Order number and Duration. The customer wanted something else. As Hitachi explains in their blog, you can achieve this with a sample code they included.

Understanding the levels of fields and syntax

Level 3 (Bookable Resource Booking)

Duration:<b> {duration}</b><br />

{duration} is a field on the actual Bookable Resource Booking entity. It is on the lowest level, and you simply use the schema name to refer to duration on Bookable Resource Booking.

Level 2 (Work Order)

Now you navigate one level up, and guess what.. It’s actually not that hard!!! It is simpler to do this here than in JavaScript!!!

WO Number:<b> {msdyn_msdyn_workorder_bookableresourcebooking_WorkOrder.msdyn_name}</b>

First i use the 1:N relationship name {msdyn_msdyn_workorder_bookableresourcebooking_WorkOrder}, anb then i just add the {msdyn_name} that is the name of the Work Order one level above.

Level 1 (Account)

{}</b><br />

The upper level might get a little tricky, but it is not that hard once you figure out how to use it.
First relation is:
{msdyn_msdyn_workorder_bookableresourcebooking_WorkOrder} – LVL 3 to LVL 2
Then you add
{msdyn_account_msdyn_workorder_ServiceAccount} – LVL 2 to LVL 1
Now you are in Account, and lastly add {name} for the name of the account.

My final design

WO Customer:<b> {}</b><br />
WO Number:<b> {msdyn_msdyn_workorder_bookableresourcebooking_WorkOrder.msdyn_name}</b> - Duration:<b> {duration}</b><br />

Here you have some examples on how to navigate the different levels.. Hope this helps:)

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