Giving Back

So for those who know me, I still play Soccer at a fairly decent level (hence CRM KEEPER). This i a huge part of my life, and I hope it can stay that way for many years to come.

This week I was in Thailand during a yearly tournament. All in all there are 10 different nations competing, and it is just a blast! If you want to see more from that, I have pictures on my Instagram:

This year was a little special for the Norwegian team, because we got to visit an orphanage a bit outside the city. This orphanage relies hugely on volunteer efforts to help the kids, and donations from people well off.

Our small social visit probably won’t have an impact on their lives, but it certainly impacted ours. Last year I was involved in Doctors Without Borders (PRO BONO), and I think I will try to do more work like this in the years to come.

Readers of this blog will probably be tech, so think about what you can do to help other organizations be/do better. We can’t all be doctors/nurses or other types of heroes, but we certainly do our best within tech to help those that help others!

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