Dynamics 365 Customer Service in 1 hour or less ⏰

Did you know that it is possible to setup a fully functional Customer Service installation in less than one hour?

I am proud to present all 3 parts
1. The community solution – Download
2. The Video for installation
3. The Video for demonstrating the product

I have put a lot of hours into this configuration, because I wanted other consultants to see how nice and easy Customer Service could be delivered. I have been using countless hours every time I wanted to show a new demo, so I finally put in the extra work to make it complete. This will hopefully save you a LOT of work next time you want to demo Customer Service, or deliver a good solution to your customer.

1. Download

Go get my free community solution for Customer Service.


2. Install the solution

See how install the solution within one hour

3. Demo the solution

This is a showcase of how I would demo the solution. Find your own pitch and make yourself comfortable with it. Just make sure you have good demo data!! Good Luck 😀

2 thoughts on “Dynamics 365 Customer Service in 1 hour or less ⏰

  1. Hi Thomas, is this solution still working (2022-02-21)?

    I created a new environment, imported and published the solution, but it is not listed on the apps page as in the installation video at 9:45. Other than me not getting very far this looks like a great customer service setup for us 🙂


    1. The solution file has been updated, but the error you are experiencing should not be a problem. If you are able to import the solution file, the app should appear if you are admin of the organization.


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