Ribbon Button – Custom Page / Dialog

The deprecation of Dialogs has been discussed WAAAY too many times, and I still feel there is a gap for simple dialogs that would do lots of magic. A while back Microsoft introduced Custom Pages as one option to solve this missing piece, but simplicity is just not there yet.

I have been reviewing lots of great material from fellow MVP’s to study up a bit on the topic
MCJ – Custom Page updating Model Driven app
Scott Durrow – Adding logic to the new button configurator
Lisa Crosbie – Creating custom page

But I can’t quite shake the feeling that it’s still pretty tech-intensive to be able to create a Custom Page and call in from Dynamics. You need to have a decent understanding of the following:

  1. Creating a ribbon button in the new app configuration (easy, but adding commands not so easy)
  2. Javascript to actually start the Custom Page (not for everyone)
  3. Canvas App configuration (I am not a front-end type of guy, and hate having to start with a blank slate every time).
  4. Power FX for the showing of a button + updating whatever you are doing in the canvas app back to the model-driven app.

All in all, I would say that this is probably what you can expect a Dynamics/Power Apps consultant to understand, but it is not given that everyone feels comfortable while configuring. To be honest, Ribbon Workbench isn’t easy without a few tutorials either, but one gets better over time. (did anyone ever get the invert of a true/false statement right the first time?😂).

What to do?

Let’s just get to the bottom of the real issue. How to solve the problem of the Custom Page with a button and at the same time created a great way for sales to have a lot of fun!😁

Over the next weeks, I will start to publish a series of Custom Page and Sales, to showcase what you can do to improve Sales morale and adoption

Every post will be shown on the new Sales Page that I have “Win Notification” so stay tuned!!

The full solution will be available for download in the end.

2 thoughts on “Ribbon Button – Custom Page / Dialog

  1. In one company we had integration (push to azure service bus + ESP8266 reading info from there) that was ringing a bell on a wall on every Won Opportunity.
    This was fun!


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