ACDC 2023 – The ultimate learning Hackathon

In just a few days Arctic Cloud Developer Challenge is going to kick off at Soria Moria hotel in Norway. This is a hackathon that gathers the best of the best within Dynamics / Power Platform / Azure / .NET / M365 etc.

The main reason why I haven’t been so active blogging lately about CRM is that this has been my main focus! I am really excited and proud to be a part of the ACDC team💪💯

We have specific themes every year, and this year it’s Pirates

Teams of 3-5 battle for points and glory to win the prestigious ANTLERS

We will be more than 50 people over 3 days gathered at Soria Moria hotel in the wonderful arctic mountains of Oslo. A brilliant team of 5 judges will determine who is victorious.

To learn more about the event:

📣Join us in 2024!📣

Drop me a line if you want to attend next time. If you need help convincing your boss, I have a few tricks up my sleeve for attending 😁

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