Dev Environments Dataverse

Did you recently see the update from Power CAT announcing the 3 dev environments pr user?!?! The topic of more than one dev environment has been discussed in several forums over the last years, but finally, it is here. Go check out the video on YouTube about the details:

In short a few key takeaways:

  1. 3 Dev environments PR user
  2. 2 GB of data pr environment (does not count against storage)
  3. Premium Connectors included for testing
  4. ALM setup for getting to know solution management better
  5. Automatic cleanup of environments over time (if inactive).
  6. Ability to create dev environments from

Or should I say <- for now:) Depending on when it will be released to everyone, the ability to add environments from make.powerapps portal is not yet rolled out. Go to the PREVIEW make, and you should be able to see it there. This is important for users without access to the

Go ahead and try it out and see where the limitations are. The important part here is to learn new things by trying them out. Enjoy!

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