Customizing forms Dynamics 365 UI

Again I have to state that we all have different preferences, and this is only my suggestion on how to make a simple demo. We all see the world different, and therefore no right or wrong answers here:)

Open to edit your app

The whole point here is to add existing entities Account, Contact, Opportunity to the solution.

I prefer to only add what I will be working with. So I add the following views and forms for all entities

EntityAccountContact Oppty
FormMain +
QuickCreate +
Main +
QuickCreate +
Main +
QuickCreate +
ViewOpen Account +
Ascociated view
Open Contat+
Ascociated view
Open Account +
My Opportunities +
Ascociated view +

You don’t really need the views, but I like them in case I want to do some editing, because I don’t have to create them from scratch. The QuickView form is because of the Reference Panels.

Your solution should look something like this now.

For the next step I configure the forms

NB!!! Before you edit the form, click “save as” and give it a name. I never configure the main forms because I want to keep them untouched for all future MS updates.

I also like to control the activity view, because the demo can be very “cluttery” if that is even a word.

Appointment, Email, Phone, Task
Remove as much as possible

For the next step, read the article about reference panels.

Repeat the form configuration for Contact and Opportunity. Remember to publish all changes.

Now open the app so we can see what it looks like

Remember to change the account form to view the SimpleSales account form.

This is how I prefer to configure the forms in CRM. We all have different ideas of the best way to do this. I configure with “less is more” approach.

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