Reference Panels = Love

During ignite 2018 Jukka introduced me to reference panels during a hands on lab. At the time I couldn’t for the love of god understand what the point was. It was being viewed in the “old” UI and it all looked really stupid.

Then all of the sudden Unified Interface made it all come together for me.

First start off by getting a hold of some icon’s (New icons for Dynamics 365 UI)

To add icons to your solution check this blog

Start of by adding a reference panel to your Account form. A new section will be added.

The section looks completely normal, but it is different. I have chosen to move the section to the right part of the screen. Now when you add a subgrid to this section, you will see the difference!

Adding reference panel subgrid

Notice the difference here? “Tab Icon” is required. Locate the .svg file you downloaded for contact, and the rest is the same. Repeat the process for Opportunity and Case.

Save & Publish. Now open Unified Interface to view your form

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