Day 2 Amsterdam 2019

Malin Martnes – How Talent digitizes HR

So I shouldn’t really write anything here because I am far to bias… hehe. Malin did a great job presenting a new product from Microsoft called Talent. Talent itself originates from Dynamics AX, but has been refurbished and made a lot better.

The main pieces here are Attract, Onboard and Core HR. each plays vital roles in onboarding new talents, and equally important, maintaining the ones you have. We all know how costly it is to lose a good employee, so why not put a little more effort into keeping the ones we have, and help them develop careers with set goals etc.

Malin has her own blog where you can read more about the product. Her idea is to create all content needed for you to pass the exam for Talent. Much like Neil Parkhurst.

I am just way proud of her as you probably understand 😉

Gus Gonzalez – Top 10 Free Tools for Functional Consultants

For those of you who don’t know Gus, get to know Gus. He works with podcasting, blogging and YouTube channel. He speaks to the technical level of Dynamics that I understand well, and therefore he is awesome;)

This session was about XrmToolBox

“If you are not using XrmToolBox, you are working to hard”.

Gus Gonzalez

I have seen Gus before during Microsoft Inspire and he had the same topic, but that was over 1 year ago. Many of the tools being shown were new to me, and if I only had seen the Attribute Manager earlier !! 😉

NEW tool about to go live is BPF editor. You can now bulk update a view of records to a given step in a PBF.

Megan Walker – Create a visual overview of your customers

Megan Walker session was about empowering Dynamics data within Power BI. The whole session was a live demo, really speaking well to the functional consultants. All of the examples were at a level where you feel that you can do it yourself. It is a must watch for consultants that need to “sexy” up their Power BI demo when presenting from a Dynamics perspective. Best of all is that every example was published on her blog!:) – Tnx for posting these out..

BONUS: I got to interview Megan for my first ever Video/Podcast, and it will be out as soon as I learn how to edit sound and video..

Microsoft Roundtable

A big part of these Events is meet and greet with people, companies and of course Microsoft. We attended a round table discussion where Microsoft is opening how they want to increase our sales even more. Anyone working with Dynamics for a while has been a trained in Solution Selling, where you focus on pains that you can quantify. You then try to justify the project by fixing the pain, and therefore reducing the cost.

So Microsoft is working on a new industry specific framework for customers, so they can relate to the problems we can help them with. Once I get more information about this I will write more about the customer stories (given that the customer want’s to participate)..

Fredrik Sætre – Extending Power Apps to Power up Operations

Fredrik is a former MVP (now working for Microsoft). He represents the FinOps part of Dynamics, and therefore quite on the opposite side of what I normally listen to. Over the last few years I have heard him speak a few times, and he really is what I would call a Customer Engagement consultant on an FinOps world 😉

He is really enthusiastic about technology (not something I normally feel about the FinOps community), and great at delivering talks. It is interesting to see how FinOps is approaching the CDS story, and PowerApps. Every time I see him talk, there is something new in FinOps and PowerPlattform.

Even though I don’t understand it all, FinOps and logistics is really impressive. When you combine it with PowerPlattform that can surface data, it all makes sense to a CRM person like me:)

Below was an example from the presentation where he embedded a Canvas app in FinOps.

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