Day 3 Amsterdam 2019

Ryan Maclean – Workflow Booster Packs

Ryan is from Scotland, and I couldn’t stop thinking about Breavheart while he was presenting early Friday morning..

Jokes aside, Ryan delivered a great session in the world of a functional consultant. One problem we always have is that we want to solve plugin related issues, but we can’t code. That is why we have these WF tools that give us plugin like features. He is one of the first consultants I have meet that also loves the North52 tool.. hehe.

Ryan showcased workflows from 6 different solutions. I think we all agreed after the session that we would gladly pay a lump sum to gather all of these awesome people in one room, and make one single tool 😉 Thnx to Ryan, and all of the people behind the free tools!!! Remember to donate if you use the tools.

Marco Amoedo, Wael Hamze – Dynamics 365 Quiz!

Dynamics 365 quiz, and time to shine. Time to show the world that I am the most awesome person within CRM!!

Well, it didn’t quite end like I expected. I was not even in the top 10 list.. haha. The level of knowledge out there is really high, and it makes me want to learn even more for the next time around. I am what you call a sore looser.

Resco – Doctors Without Borders case

Microsoft Norway challenged us to deliver a Pro Bono case to Doctors Without Borders (MSF). They do so much more than just send doctors to countries in crisis. One very important thing they do is survey companies around the world to find out what the standard incomes are pr country pr role. It is very important for companies like MSF not to overpay when they enter countries. By creating inflation, or overpaying doctors, you can end up stealing doctors from the local hospitals.

The combination of Resco + CDS + Power BI was a great fit here for storing and presenting data live. The event in Amsterdam gave us a great chance to work on the app with Resco to improve the look and feel.

When we are done with the case I will write about it in a blog article explaining why I chose the tech that I did etc.

Scott Durow – Power Platform Demystified

I think we all have more questions as things will change over the next months 🙂

Another Scott session packed with people. This session was about the Dynamics platform moving to the Power Plattform in a sense, and what it means in regards to function and licensing at the moment. I am not saying Dynamics is going away, but it is not NOT going away.. hehe.. It will be interesting to follow that the next year.

In the future we will be thinking more about apps than ever before, and that is actually a good thing. Apps will rule the plattform, and it might even make the integrations even better. The more we isolate the functions, the more “product” some of them can be. The more product they are the easier it is to standardize how to work with them.

Just look at our competitors. They are all products, and customers seem to understand that better than plattform stories. Let’s start with the product and then surprise them with the platform #easteregg 😉

Sarah Critchley – Panel discussion

Panel discussion led by Sarah was about AI, Dynamics and PowerPlatform. In the panel we had a good mixture of knowledge. Representation of knowledge here was quite interesting. The talks were about data consumption and data gathering. All sides open about what challenges they were experiencing with data quality in large organizations, and how mindsets of the employers were important to lead in the right direction.

The short story is that our implementations should be focused around actionable insights. As long as the end users se/understand the result of good data, they would feel more ownership to the data entry.

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