PowerApps license change opening up for a 10$ CRM system?

Power Platform is maturing rapidly, and users are really loving the new platform for citizen development. The only natural thing to do for Microsoft was to alter the licensing model now that they see how users are working with the platform.

Normally I am the first one to hate on all changes, but this time I am not sure I hate it. I am actually seeing some opportunities here that I didn’t see before.

https://powerapps.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/new-licensing-options-for-powerapps-and-flow/ <– Read about the statement here.

I am seeing this from a Dynamics perspective, and not Office. There are 2 different ways of viewing this change.

From what I read, we can now setup a 10$ pr user pr month and create a sales app with both Model Driven and Canvas AND Portal. Within the app we are also capable to run as many flows as we want without the need for a FLOW plan.

You might still need one Enterprise or Proessional license in the bottom for the entities to be installed on the CDS, but after that you can create your own simple apps.

I am sure that Microsoft will introduce some other restrictions later on to separate the apps (Sales, Customer Service etc), but currently this is not the case.

Anyone share their ideas about this change? 🙂

2 thoughts on “PowerApps license change opening up for a 10$ CRM system?

  1. It looks very promising.

    The only issue I see right now (before we get updated licensing guide) is, that you only get 50MB of database capacity per licensed user. That is not much considering that you have to pay $40 per additional GB of database storage. If buy a P2 or Dynamics 365 license, you will get 250MB per licensed user.

    Furthermore, there are a lot of ‘grey zones’ concerning mixing and matching Dynamics 365 and the current PowerApps P2 license. E.g. you mention that could have 1 Enterprise license, and then the rest of the users on the new PowerApps license.

    Alex Shlega has written some great posts about that.


    I’m hoping it’s clearly written in the new licensing guide


    1. Good point about the database capacity! I don’t think we can conclude anything before they create the “restriction” documentation for the licenses:) The current restricted entities does not really stop anything that I would want to.

      I spoke to someone who ment they would enforce the license restrictions more in the upcoming changes. Will be interesting to se if the entities like “opportunity” that are not standard CDS entities will be locked only for CRM licenses.


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