Dear MS Could you please just fix the following? Pretty Please🙏🥰

I love the new UI and the new timeline, but there were some choices made that never made sense. Specifically the navigation elements on the timeline.

Ideas – Please vote

This is a OOTB case with a timeline. I want to open one of the emails to view content or reply. Either way I want to OPEN the activity.

Let’s click on the Email and see what happens…

NOPE… Only the preview of the email. Great functionality, but still not what I want.

What about the BIG Purple circle? That is the same logic as subgrids. This must be it?

NOPE… This opens the owner of the activity…. Why would anyone want this function? Seriously asking, because I have never understood why.

There it is!!!.. The tiny little OPEN button….

Subrids do it better

Check it out.. I click on the subgrid item, and magically it opens the actual record I am trying to see.


This is more like it..

Dear MS… Please make the navigation look and feel the same as subgrids 🙂

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