Dynamics 365 Case Cascading Rules

This post is a part of a series of posts for Customer Service. The complete GUIDE can be found here

The OOTB cascading rules for Case are not optimal for the setup that I like to use. I will try to explain why, and at the same time show what I feel needs to be done for it to work better. Keyword is Parental Relationships that we have to STOP. If you wonder what I am talking about, below is the timeline from Case displaying activities.

What happens when you have parental relationship on, and you assign the case to another user, all of the related entities like Task, Emai, Phone Call etc will also be reassigned. Normally you you could ask why that would matter, but for CASE that is a real issue.

You also happen to change the “Modified On” data for the records leaving them potentially unsorted in a manner that will confuse the service agents. This applies to all activities, even the ones that have been closed as complete.

There are MANY other ways to sort activities, but Emails are almost always historical activities and happen at a given time. Tasks and Phone calls can be in the future. This is why I like modified on date, to keep a sort of chronological order. If possible the best sorting would be chronological order for completed activities, and due date sorted on top of that for open activities. Don’t think that is possible unfortunately.


As you can see, the default behavior is Parental for Email, Phonecall and Task. I could have chosen more, but these are the entities I use the most in Case.

Do the following for all 3 relationships. Select Configurable Cascading and then Cascade None for the Assign. Microsoft DOCS cascading – If you wan to see more about Cascading Rules.

Why not NEW UI Config?

At the time of writing this blog, the configuration still isn’t possible for relationships. If you are familiar with configuring, the main point is just showing what I need to do for Dynamics.

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