Dynamics 365 QUEUE setup with shared mailbox

This post is a part of a series of posts for Customer Service. The complete GUIDE can be found here
I assume you have a Dynamics Environment at this point.


Open https://admin.microsoft.com – login with the credentials you got from the trial, or make sure you are a Global Admin to complete the following tasks.

You now have a shared mailbox in Exchange. We will be using this email address to configure a queue in Dynamics Customer Service.

Dynamics 365 – Queue

If you don’t remember the address to your dynamics environment, you can always find your environments at https://admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com <- click … and then open.

Locate the queue setup from Dynamics Customer Service Hub. This is where we create a new queue for Support@. For the owner we choose Customer Service Team.

Click Save, and the system will automatically give you a new mailbox.

To configure the mailbox, we need to navigate to Advanced Settings.

Email Configure

Open Mailboxes and find Support@ that we created.

Your picture should look something like below. Following order
1. Approve Email – You must be global admin to do so.
2. Test & Enable Mailbox
3. Follow progress in Alerts

If you have done it right, you should see the following. This process can be tricky, and there are lots of great guides out there that might cover this better. Connecting Exchange with Dynamics it typically really easy, or really hard.

Lets se if it works

So after waiting for a few minutes, I now see the email in the queue 🙂

4 thoughts on “Dynamics 365 QUEUE setup with shared mailbox

  1. I have completed these steps since we have the same situation (shared mailbox). The only real difference with what I’m trying to do is I’m only interested in sending out email from this queue. After the setup, the “Details” section display an error message “The email message “Your mailbox is now connected to Dynamics 365″ cannot be sent. Make sure that the credentials specified in the mailbox Global Team are correct and have sufficient permissions for sending email. Then, enable the mailbox for email processing.”

    Did you happen to do anything different for getting emails to send out of Dynamics when setting this up?


    1. Not seen this issue before. I would have a look at the exchange online profile. I am not using any username/passord to connect the mailbox. Support should also be able to assist with these type of connection issues.

      Sorry for late reply:)


    1. Everything is possible, but you would have to add some javascript. You could of course have other ways of doing it, but I think the response to the user should be immediate if they choose something they are not allowed to send as. If it were critical I would also implement a plugin feature to verify the email and sender on a “pre image” state for this


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